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Welcome to The Royal Alfred Marina


Nowhere else in the world is there a marina quite like our Royal Alfred Marina. It’s surely the gem of the Eastern Cape’s wonderful Sunshine Coast.
For starters every home here has its own waterfront. There’s none of that business of having to trundle down a panhandle to reach your boat. Our marina is tidal so water runs afresh through all the canals twice every single day. The water never sits still and we don’t have to pump it in or out.

The marina borders the 250-berth Small Boat Harbour that boasts a launching ramp that easily accommodates all our property owners’ craft. Boats can be used 24/7 – even when the tide is out. They can go out to sea or more than 20km up the beautiful Kowie River. There are boats and barges of all shapes and sizes – and some have most amusing names. Regulars on the water include : Mrs Sippy, Grotted Spunter, Fog Ducker, Aquaholic, Winedown, Sir Roses of the River. Cause 4 Divorce. And if you know anything about Scottish football you’ll know who the owner of Ibrox supports.

This place is a fisherman’s paradise – whether you are a sea-going enthusiast or a freshwater angler. You can sit for hours several kilometres up our pristine river and cast your rod to your heart’s content. Catch fish or crabs and sometimes even prawns. Our marina is probably one of the safest places on the planet. Fancy taking your pooch for walkies in the middle of the night? No problem. Here you can let the children run free, ride their bikes and scooters, and visit friends on neighbouring islands. They can swim in the canals and paddle their own canoes. And each spring there is great excitement when the resident Egyptian geese paddle along the canals trailed by up to 12 fluffy youngsters.

Apart from the obvious recreational fishing, residents have access to an all-weather tennis court, squash court and swimming pool. There is a fully equipped clubhouse and bar that many residents use for private parties, business functions, weddings and other get-togethers as well as regular braais and estate meetings. We all rest easy in our beds at night knowing that safety is a prime concern of marina management. The estate is gated and security fenced. Security services are provided by a professional, registered security company. CCTV cameras monitor both entrances and the perimeter of the estate. Roving guards patrol the streets by foot and on bicycles and there is a patrol boat that does regular reccies up and down the canals. All this takes place 24 hours a day.

Port Alfred’s glorious East Beach is on the seaward side of the Marina and stretches for many kilometres along the edge of the warm Indian Ocean. Home Owners have their own access gateway to this pristine stretch of golden sands. Here you can walk for what seems like ever breathing in the freshest sea air and enjoying the changing scenery as the seasons merge one into the other and the sands shift. This beach is a favourite haunt of fishermen, joggers, sun worshippers, dog walkers, swimmers and surfers. Children love to explore the rock pools, collect shells and seaweed and watch the hundreds of sea snails as they create intricate patterns in the wet sand. Older, braver ones climb the high dunes and whizz down the sandy slopes. With several beaches close at hand no wonder families flock to the marina every holiday. It’s one of the few places where children are guaranteed a normal childhood.

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