Sporting Opportunities at the Royal Alfred Marina

Residents are encouraged to take full advantage of the outstanding local sporting facilities.

These include the prestigious Royal Port Alfred Golf Links situated on turf covered dunes overlooking the beach, 5 minutes from the Marina.

Port Alfred has long been renowned for great game fishing. Not only can you enjoy direct access through sheltered breakwaters to the rich fishing grounds in the open sea, you can explore the long reaches of the Kowie River on the banks of which is situated the Port Alfred River and Ski Boat Club.

Kowie River mouth Pier.

Some 36 species of marine life have been identified in the Marina Canals. This number exceeds the recorded species in the Kowie River prior to the marina development, and many fine fish have been taken, many of them off the owner’s jetties!

The Kowie River is navigable for approximately 20 kilometres and ideal for water-skiing, canoeing, light tackle angling, board sailing and general boating.

For birdwatching and back-to-nature enthusiasts, the sights are unsurpassed. Even the regal Fish Eagle can be found in abundance.

Many other local facilities such as the bowls club, tennis club, St. Francis Health Centre, library.