Sales and Marketing of Properties in the Royal Alfred Marina

Each residential property within the Marina has canal water frontage which provides access by boat to the main Kowie River (navigable for approximately 25km) and also out to sea. The water within the Marina is tidal and flows through two entrances/exits thereby ensuring that it is completely flushed twice every day.

The unique lifestyle and secure environment the Royal Port Alfred Marina offers to its residents and visitors is recognised locally and internationally. The way in which property values have skyrocketed since the Marina was launched is clear evidence of this. Each year Royal Alfred Marina HOA invests significant amounts in maintaining the infrastrusture, security, etc. This includes inter alia, maintenance of roads, the Marina’s 4 bridges connecting the islands, security equipment and, not least, dredging of the canals. Through this investment property values are maintained.

The resale of properties provides a viable income stream both for Estate Agents and RAMHOA itself by way of the agreements which are in place with certain agents.

Please contact RAMHOA for a list of the current Agents!